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Reid In Foul Mood After Preseason Loss

Reid Not Happy After Eagles Lose To Bengals 22-9

By Lance Epstein

After the Eagles lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, head coach Andy Reid addressed the media in a brief press conference. Reid did not appear to be in a good mood after his young squad’s performance.

Reid knows that just because they didn’t game plan, does not mean the Eagles should be taking bad penalties and turning the ball over. Besides the penalties and turnovers, Reid touched on the Eagles red zone woes and the bright spot on the night for the Eagles in Brandon Gramham.

Here are some of Andy Reid’s Press Conference Quotes:

On Injuries:

“ Victor Abiamiri, Nick Cole, Todd Herremans, Jamaal Jackson, David Pender, Asante(Samuel) long with (Mike) Bell and Macho (Harris) did not play. Mike Bell went through warm ups and we were going to play him. We wanted to get him some work and he is doing better. Then, (WR Jeremy) Maclin has a shoulder contusion and the X-rays were negative. He should be fine. (C A.Q.) Shipley had a knee contusion on the return. (T King) Dunlap sprained his ankle.”

Opening remarks:

“Various of turnovers, penalties and kickoff coverage units have got to be better than that. And then again when you get opportunities in the red zone, you cannot have penalties. You got to make plays down there and score touchdowns instead of field goals. I saw some good things with the ones. I thought they were playing against a very good football team with the Bengals. And there were some obvious things we can work on there. There were some positives that came out of the first group. After that it started to get sloppy as the game went on with the twos and threes in particular. We played these games, even though they are preseason, to win them. So we are not happy about that. The positives are it is good to get guys in the game. And it looked like we played physical football. We just got to eliminate some of the mistakes.”

On the first team offensive line’s performance and confusions:

“There were some. A couple of things that happened and we will take care of that. We didn’t sit there and spend a ton of time on the Bengals. Not that that’s a big excuse here, but I do expect more out of it. Have to say that’s where half the problems took place.”

On what causes the offensive lineman not to be on the line and get called for illegal formation penalties:

“You have to lineup on the center, not the guy next to you. Those are the tackles. So you want to make sure you lineup on the center and you don’t lineup on the guard next to you.”

On the line judge calling it close:

“Listen, he gave the warnings and we didn’t take care of business there.”

On the red zone offense being a work in progress:

“It is good that we have had some work down there. I think that’s important in particular when you get ready for the regular season. Everything is a little faster down there and the line winds up being the twelfth man so the defense is tighter in there. So when you are throwing the ball you have to be accurate with your throws. As a receiver you have to be aggressive towards the ball or a tight end. And when you are running the ball you have got to be aggressive. Everything is faster for the line. Linebackers can cheat up there a little bit and they can either bluff or blitz. Safeties are up there tight and you have to figure all that stuff out and make accurate plays all the way around. Then from an offensive coaching standpoint, it gives us a good idea of things we can do when the season comes around.”

On the Bengals pressure disrupting the rhythm of the passing game:

“I thought some there was pressure. But there were other times where Kevin (Kolb) was buying time to work his way to the receiver and give the receiver an opportunity to release the man that was on him. So some was pressure and some was him buying time to get the throw off.”

On his assessment of where the running game is at:

“I will have to look at the tape on that. We can do better. I think (RB) LeSean (McCoy) will tell you that and the offensive line. And the tight ends and the fullbacks are put in that. Everyone along there could do a better job. When you are out in the open you can make that one guy miss and score if you get the opportunity to get those one-on-one situations.”

On his impressions of rookie DE Brandon Graham:

“Both he and (DE Daniel) Te’o (Nesheim) are getting looks in there. For that matter (DT Trevor) Laws. It looks like Brandon did a nice job. Again I will have to look see how he did against run, but I saw some him make some tackles in there against the run. I think he had a positive day.”

On QB Michael Vick turning the ball over:

“We had too many turnovers so you know. And we got to do a better job there with both Michaels. We just got to do a better job.”

On Vick trying to force it:

“He’ll eliminate those. He will get rid of those. He is trying to make things happen. He will eliminate those as we go here.”

On being surprised that Shawn Andrews signed with the Giants and does he think he can play:

“I wish Shawn the best of luck. I told you before, he is as fine of a offensive lineman as I have coached when he was healthy. He is a heck of a player. And I wish him nothing but the best.”

On talking with him:

“I have not. No. I haven’t talked to him in awhile.”

On him being back in the league:

“His situation is if his back holds up and those type of things. Like I said I hope it all works for him.”

On running game’s problem being the problem in the red zone:

“Well we scored a touchdown, but got a penalty so I am sitting here talking out of both sides of my mouth. We did score and we had a penalty on it. So when I am telling you about penalties, you cannot give up those situations to them.”


  1. Soon thereafter, Andy Reid tells Vick, "You better step up because it's obvious Kolb is on his way to being a bust or an injured-reserve candidate."

  2. Seriously, look at that photo. Is Andy Reid adding weight to compete at guard?

  3. @ Chelsea - your a jackass plain and simple. Kolb on his way to being a bust? He had a great game. You should go root for the giants they suck big ones just like you!

  4. @ GLE, I wouldn't say Kolb had a great game. His first quarter was very inconsistent. He was throwing around 50 percent for the first quarter and had trouble hitting wr in stride. The second quarter he was much better and was hitting guys in stride that is why the Eagles began moving the ball on the Bengals D. This is the same problem the Eagles had with McNabb. He would be inconsistent from quarter to quarter. With Kolb's strength being accuracy, SO he has the ability to be much more consistent from play to play. It seems like he just needs to settle down and that will come with time.

    Another issue Kolb had last night was the fact he kept throwing off his backfoot. In the NFL you can only do that so often until someone picks that pass. He needs to step up in the pocket and gun it in there. I wouldn't say Kolb's performance was awful, but I would not classify it as great. i would say it was ok against a very good defense.

    That said, the offensive line might have been a big reason for Kolb's inaccuracy early on. McGlynn, Jean-Gilles and Andrews were being manhandled. I do not worry with McGlynn and Gilles since Herremans and Cole should be ready by week 1. i really worry about Andrews cause he struggled and is the starter at least until Jackson comes back.