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Reid Knows Eagles Must Do Better

Reid: Eagles Need to Do A Better Job At That

By Lance Epstein

“We need to do a better job at that.”

It was said early and often as Head Coach Andy Reid met the media on Friday night after the Eagles 20-17 victory over the Chiefs. The Eagles offense struggled for the second week in a row, but did manage to convert a turnover into a touchdown.

Still, Reid knows that Kevin Kolb and the offense must be better if the Eagles expect to compete this year. However, Reid feels as soon as the coach game plan the offense will begin to click and that the game against the Chiefs’ 3-4 defense will help them out in week one against the Packers 3-4 defense.

Besides discussing the struggling offense, Reid touched on why rookie CB Trevard Lindley was playing with the first-team defense, his two rookies WR Riley Cooper and Mike Kafka winning the game and the first-team defenses performance over the last three games.

Here are his press conference quotes:

On Injuries:

“ (WR) DeSean Jackson has a neck strain. I pulled him out for precautionary measures. (DE) Trent Cole has an ankle sprain, X-rays were negative and he will have a MRI in the morning. Everybody else, things worked out OK.”

Opening Remarks:

“It’s good to finish the game like we did. It was good for the twos to get in there did what they did. We have plenty of work to do with the ones, but there were some good things. There is still plenty of work to do.”

On being concerned with the rhythm of the first-team offense:

“ Well, listen, we can all do a little bit better there. We got to do a better job at that.”

On how much do you actually game plan in the preseason:

“I will tell you what it was. It was great works against a 34 (3-4) front. That is what we are going to see in the first game and we will see it again next week. It was good work and they showed us some decent looks. I think it was great work for us.”

On being worried about QB Kevin Kolb’s confidence:

“No, I think this was great for him. I think it is a positive situation. We did some good things early and we just got to keep it rolling when we have opportunities. Everyone had a little piece of the pie there, so we all learned some things from it. We will be better the next time.”

On if Kolb left feeling all right with his performance:

“Well I think everybody, including me, feels like there is some things we can do better.”

On RB Mike Bell:

“I thought he did some good things. I think he was able to knock some of the rust off, get back into game speed and game form. I thought he played aggressive. There are a couple of things we have got to get straightened out. I thought he did a good job.”

On the reason for WR Jeremy Maclin dropping some easy passes:

“It is not like Jeremy. He has to just focus in. There are going to be days like that where you just got to squeeze the ball, re-focus in on it and make the catches.”

On Maclin dropping the ball and fumbling:

“It didn’t look like he fumbled the ball. He dropped it. He just needs to do a better job focusing in on that.”

On using his ones at all next week:

“We will see. We will see how that goes.”

On CB Trevard Lindley playing with the first team defense:

“I wanted to get him in with the ones for some experience against their ones and see how he’d do. He seems like he did a decent job. That’s Ellis’ job, but I wanted to see him against their best competition, their best players and good competition. That was the reason behind that.”

On having a rotation of three cornerbacks like last year:

“ That is not what I am planning on. Don’t read more into it, I am just telling you all I was trying to do was get him against good competition.”

On Lindley earning that spot with the first-team defense:

“Yeah, he did, but he didn’t have a chance to play against the other team’s ones once. So I wanted to see him against there ones.”

On assessing the offensive line and how they progressed over the last three games:

“I thought the offensive line did good. There were some blitzes in there that we got to sort out with our backs. I thought the offensive line did a pretty good job.”

On G Todd Herremans being taken out at halftime:

“ He felt great, he didn’t really want to come out, but I gave him the half. That was probably more than what I was going to do and start with, but at least he was feeling good and kept him out of the third quarter.”

On the reason he brought C Jamaal Jackson to Kansas City while being ruled out:

“He gets his rehab stuff.”

On using Michael Vick on the two third and shorts:

“ We knew we weren’t going to give him reps with the twos. He will get some reps next week. We wanted to work him in. The idea was to work him in similar to a game through that first half there and go from there.”

On QB Mike Kafka’s game winning drive:

“I think he did a good job. He was aggressive and those last couple of throws there to Kelly (Washington) and (Riley) Coop(er) he pumped off the safety and popped it back outside that hole there against cover-2. That was pretty impressive and he did a nice job there.”

On the young guys being discouraged by not scoring a lot of touchdowns so far:

“I don’t think they are. They shouldn’t be discouraged. They seem upbeat and positive. They just got to keep working. When we get into game planning it will work out a lot better.”

On the defense’s performances over the last three games:

“It looked like, for the most part, the first team defense did a good job. They had a couple of field position things against them and we had where one of their scores was when we messed up on special teams. And you cannot do that. That is a huge tendency in this league. You come off stopping a team and it gives them a first down like that. The scoring ratio off of that is against you.”

On what happened on that special teams play:

“I was trying to draw them off.”

On how do you get called for delay of game rather than an off-sides penalty:

I mean that is what they called.”

On Chiefs QB Matt Cassel’s touchdown throw:

“ We didn’t have the underneath coverage there. CB Asante (Samuel) was over the top and the linebacker was supposed to be underneath.”

On TE Cornelius Ingram’s Cyst and if there is something wrong with his knee causing that:

“It is really in his calf. Maybe what we can do is have (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder) explain it to you guys.”

On how much did Herremans provided:

“I have got to see the tape. It is hard to see in there with all the chaos going on. For the most part it looked like he did a decent job. Just need to look at the tape to see a little better.”

On T Jason Peters penalties:

“Can’t have those, it is that simple. Cannot have offsides and illegal procedures. Cant do that.”

On Cooper giving him more speed than he expected when drafting him:

“We always talk about maintaining your speed down the field. You put that chin to your shoulder and that inside arm is pumping. For some it is easier than others. And that helps you to maintain your speed. He does a good job running routes and climbing on top of guys to get around them. He does something naturally that allow him to maintain his speed down the field.”

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