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Reid Likes What He Sees After First Preseason Game

Reid Talks Hall, Kolb and O-line
By Lance Epstein

After the Eagles one-point victory of the Jacksonville Jaguars to kickoff the preseason, head coach Andy Reid talked about the play of his offensive line and his defense. Also, Reid discussed what players impressed him in the victory and star of the night WR/PR Chad Hall.

Here are some of his quotes:

On injuries:

"(FS) Antoine Harris has a Lisfranc sprain on his foot, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (FS) Quintin Demps had a knee sprain. (RB) Eldra Buckley came out for a little bit with sore ribs, but he went back in."

On winning their first preseason game:

"All in all, I thought it was a good effort. There obviously are some things that we need to work on. We need to do a better job in the red zone. It was nice to get (K) David (Akers) some kicks, but not that many. When you work hard to get into the red zone, you want to make sure you punch it in. The kickoff return units, in particular the second and third groups, need some work. All in all, I thought the effort was there. The (starting) defense only got six plays, but they played well for those six. The offense was able to sustain some drives which really cut down on the first quarter."

On C Mike McGlynn:

"It looked like he did pretty well. I was trying to focus on him a little bit. It was a little tough, but I tried to take a peak at him. It looked like he did a decent job."

On the offensive line allowing QB Kevin Kolb to step up in the pocket:

"They did, and there were lanes where he was able to step up and take off and run when he chose to. He had nice lanes, because the offensive line was able to extend the pocket. That is always good."

On offensive line’s performance tonight:

"I thought for the most part, they played well. I couldn't look at them all at the same time, but it looked like they did a decent job up front – both in the run and the pass game."

On if he was relieved that the offensive line played so well:

"We need to continue to work. We need to keep getting the guys back healthy that are banged up. But for the first preseason game, for a quarter, I thought they did well. I thought the young guys came in and they were productive. It looked like they did a decent job. But it's one game."

On the excitement for the first game with a lot of young players:

"With the newness of the team and all the young players, there was an excitement that you normally don't see in the first preseason game. It wasn't just (QB) Kevin Kolb. All of the players were curious to have an opportunity to play together in a real game. I liked the energy. That's a good thing. Kevin was fired up and ready to go."

On the game feeling the same tonight as in the past:

"From my standpoint, it did. I don't know what it looked like or other people perceived it to be, but it seemed like there was great energy and confidence. It was great to see the guys on the sideline who were not in the game supporting the younger guys when they were in the game. When the ones came out, they were all off the bench supporting the twos and the threes, which you like to see. That was encouraging."

On what young players impressed him the most:

"I'll look at the tape on that. It looked like (WR) Chad Hall did a nice job. It looked like (WR) Riley Cooper made a couple of nice plays. It looked link (CB) Trevard Lindley did a nice job at the corner spot. He was close to having a pick there, and he sure broke on the ball in a clutch time, which was important. When we needed a play, he wasn't passive, and he put himself in position for us to potentially have a huge turnover."

On Ken Parrish punting the ball and having kickoff duties:

"We have Ken here in camp, so I wanted to check out his kickoffs and give him an opportunity to punt. I just wanted to see where we are there. We have him in camp, and I want to find out, so that's what I did."

On if he thought he might allow his first unit offense play more:

"The timing was good. It was right there at the end of the quarter with a big play. You have to stay as disciplined as you can as a coach in those situations. You have to go in with a number of plays and a time that you've given those guys. They were efficient when given the opportunity, so I just said that was enough."

On backup quarterback Michael Vick’s performance:

"The obvious thing is the turnovers. You can't have the turnovers that we had. But he did some good things in there too. It's just a matter of him continuing to play, and he'll be fine."

On Kolb throwing on the move:

"That was one of the things he did very well in college. He does a nice job of keeping his eyes down the field and looking for receivers. The nice thing was that the offensive line created seams for him to be able to push up and move and throw. He's good on the run. He does a nice job with that."

On wide receiver/punt returner Chad Hall’s night:

"I mentioned in the press conference the other day that I thought when given the opportunity, he could play all of the positions – running back, receiver, and the return game. I thought he excelled in all of them. He was a secure catcher of punts, and it looked like he made good decisions in terms of when to let the ball go and when to fair catch it. He also had a nice play from the receiver position and he ran the ball well. I thought he had a productive day."

On the first team defense needing to play more than just six snaps:

"I would have liked to, but they will pick them up as we go down the road here."

On CB Asante Samuel’s improvements over this offseason:

"I thought he had a great offseason. He really focused in on getting stronger. He told (the media) that he was going to do that, and I know he did that. He's transferred that onto the field. He's been physical in camp, and he was physical in the game today. I know he can break up balls and intercept balls, and he was a phenomenal hitter in college, so I know he can do that too. I thought he played a complete game today."

On being anxious for their first preseason game:

“I put on a new-wave bowling-type shirt, and I went out and coached."

On rookie TE Clay Harbor holding the second tight end spot on the depth chart:

"I think there is a battle for that second spot. We'll just see how it plays out. Today, he was the second tight end."

On TE Cornelius Ingram and his return from his torn ACL:

"I think he's feeling pretty good. We'll see how he does as the preseason progresses. This is the first game that he's played in for a while. It was good to get him in there and let him play. It's always a little bit faster once you get in the game. As the preseason goes on and he continues to stay healthy, good things will happen for him."

On FS Quintin Demps injury:

"I believe it was on a coverage, not on a return."

On rookie DE Brandon Graham getting pressure and a near sack:

"He does a great job of pushing up in the pocket. I thought both he and JP (Juqua Parker) had good pressure, and Jaguar quarterback David Garrard stepped up in the pocket very well. He was just an arm's distance away. You can count the steps on when the defensive end is supposed to make a break on the quarterback, and it looked like he was right on time. It just looked like the quarterback did a good job of pushing up."

On rookie quarterback Mike Kafka throwing long passes and the play calling for him to do that:

"We wanted to give him an opportunity to throw down the field. He had one completion where Jacksonville botched the coverage a little bit. He was short on a couple of passes, which he normally isn't because he has a strong arm. We wanted to give him an opportunity to do that."

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