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Reid Happy With Vick and Win

Reid Proud of Vick

By Lance Epstein

In the NFL, teams can never take wins for granted. So it is understandable why head coach Andy Reid was happy that his young Eagles defeated the Detroit Lions 35-32 on Sunday.

Another reason for Reid to proud about the three-point victory was because of his quarterback Michael Vick. Vick started his first game since the 2006 season and starred. He finished with a 108 QB rating and was 21-24 for 284 yards and two touchdown passes.

Reid was also impressed with his ability to handle any blitz or situation he that he faced. Additionally, he knows that Vick can improve, but it was a great start considering he has not been a starter in nearly four years.

Additionally, Reid touched on the offensive line and their continuing woes. While Reid decline to go into details, he gave credit to the Lions defensive front and gameplan. Still, Reid said he would go back and watch the game tape to see if there is anything the Eagles could improve upon on the O-line.

For the Eagles and Reid, they escape with a win, but there is plenty of work to be done.

Here are some more of Reid’s quotes:

Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes:

On Injuries:

“ Really the only person to mention is (Eagles DE) Brandon Graham. He strained his should… spasms. I am not quite sure what it is. The X-rays were negative so they will work on that.”

Opening Remarks:

Every win is a great win in the National Football League. We're not graded on how pretty they look, and that one down the stretch didn't look too pretty. The main thing is we won the game and there were some good things there that I saw. Both (RB) Lesean (McCoy) and (WR) DeSean (Jackson) made some big plays. (QB) Michael Vick made some big plays. Defensively we had a turnover. You gotta have those. But there is plenty of things on the other side of that that we can work on. I thought special teams-wise we did a better job on kickoff coverage.”

On the pass protection being a physical or mental issue:

“They came out and obviously they blitzed. There were a few times they went zero blitz and there were more than you could pick up there. Mike did a good job of getting the ball out of there. Other times we had some breakdowns. I think it is a matter of guys playing and getting the reps. I think that is very important right now. Every game helps you become a better offensive line and by guys playing together.”

On Max jean-Gilles being activated any thought of him playing some snaps at right guard:

“ No.”

On Michael Vick’s performance:

“I saw some good things and some things we got to work on. I saw some good things, and then there are some things we have to work on. But all in all I'm proud as heck of the kid for getting in and doing the things that he's done. Having the opportunity, he was like a kid in a candy store before the game, he was so excited to play. You're talking about a phenomenal football player that's had another chance here to prove himself and to see the excitement. And the sparkle in his eye."

On how he hopes to maximize Vick’s effectiveness as a backup after being so dynamic as a starter:

“You saw in the last game that it wasn’t going to be a five or six play thing. We have incorporated him in there then we did last year. He’ll still have opportunities to make plays.”

On the offense going according to plan in the first half:

“Well we had some big plays and he (Vick) made a couple of big plays. Receivers made some good plays. It was smooth. That was a good thing.”

On being down 17-7 and what turned it around:

“Well we were able to put some drives together, and I think the defense stepped up and made some big plays. I thought the offense put some things together, it looked like we ran the ball halfway decent there. We had a nice mix going there to keep them off balance a bit. I think it was a combination of things.”

On Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley starting next week:

“Both guys have been cleared and yes.”

On WR Riley Cooper normally being on special teams:

“Yeah he is in there.”

On Jason Avant being in on the onside kickoff:

“ I didn’t see if he was in or not.”

On what he specifically liked about Vick today and what he didn’t:

“I am not going to get into all the things he can work on. I never do that. We will go back and look at the film on that. I think he did a super job in there. I thought he was poised and moved around when he needed to move around the pocket to make some throws in the pocket. I thought they through a lot of things at him in one game. I think he handled a lot of those things. The throw he made at the end of the half there was a beautiful thing. I am real proud of him.”

On sticking with the running game even though they were down:

“It was important. I think they have a very good defensive front. They can rush the passer well. You have to mix that in well and have some balance to keep them off balance since they were blitzing a lot. You saw us pop a couple. We hit them on those zero blitzes and after that there is nothing there but end zone. Just got to make sure you don’t got penalties.”

On the fourth quarter coverage by his defense:

“They got us on some blitzes and some things where we were backed up. We didn’t get the ball out of our hand on some of our throws. A couple of runs they got us on and then we had some penalties. It is tough to have seven penalties like we did here.”

On giving up some points due to thinking the game was over:

“No but I am sure you are going to write about it. No that’s not it.”

On being successful running the ball on three or four wide receiver sets and spreading the defense out:

“ Just that we did spread them out and we kind of mixed in the throwing game. We went four wide and some success with the runs and we scored. I believe one of our touchdowns on that. We were looking at different combinations. You pack it in and do a very good job at turning it into a slugfest in there. I think they are pretty good at that. So you spread them out and you will be able to utilize the big offensive line and maybe get the extra guy out of the box that you might hit a quick throw, which we also did there.”

On Kolb and Bradley being cleared:

“ They were cleared late Friday. They actually went through the walk through on Saturday. They ran around a little bit.”

On the defense and if Stewart Bradley is really the difference:

"There were a few things (that went wrong). We played a little 2-man (man coverage), and they got us on a couple of those plays, by initially running the quarterback on a big third down…and the running back is a pretty good receiver against linebackers. Again they have a little bit of talent on that offense there, they have some pretty good players."

On LT Jason Peters’ getting nicked up affecting his play:

“I am proud of the kid for getting back up and getting back in and shaking it off the way he did. A lot of the times guys will stay out. I don’t think it did, but it might have affected him today. But I don’t think that’s it down the stretch. He tweaked his ankle and then his knee. Then he went back in, went and it felt pretty good.”

On the offense connecting on some big plays and this being what Reid envisioned heading into the season:

“Well we have done that in year’s past so that’s part of our offense. It was good to see. They gave us some things secondary-wise that we could take advantage of. I think Michael did a nice job of putting it out there for our wide receivers to go out there and get it.”

On WR DeSean Jackson’s catch that was challenged and turned out to not to be a catch:

“Listen it is whatever they called. I am just a coach I cannot afford that payment there.”

On Vick taking another step to becoming the quarterback that Reid envisioned him to be:

“I tell you what he did a nice job. Listen he is going to come up here and tell you there is a handful of plays he would like to have back. I know how he is. There are. There are some things he can learn from this. We are talking about his first start in a few years here. You are going to have a few things to work on, but I am just proud of the way he handled himself and made some nice throws, some big time throws. He just handled himself very well and managing the game for the most part. I am proud of him and I don’t want to take anything away from him for what he has done.”

On Vick needing to be better at getting rid of the ball when protection breaks down:

“ I don’t know about that. One of the things he can work on and better than he was today.”

On the current state of the offensive line:

“I will look at it and see what we can do there. Like I said there were a few of those that they ran their zero blitz scheme. I mean they didn’t run it just one time. So there were guys coming free and you gotta be able to do some things there. I will take that. That has nothing to do with the offensive line.”

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  1. We have to keep Vick involved, saying it this year isn't enough. Although I would even entertain trading him if a team pony's up enough, who knows the right team might have an injury that makes it worth their while.