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Reid Meets The Media For His "Usual" Wednesday Presser

Reid Press Conference Quotes… Or QB Answers

By Lance Epstein

Every Wednesday, head coach Andy Reid meets the media for his weekly press conference. Today was no different except he was bombarded with a bunch of questions about his quarterback situation.

This comes as no surprise as the night before Reid flip-flopped on his decision to start Kevin Kolb. This brought up numerous amounts of questions about whether Kolb would be traded and his future. Also whether Vick is going to be the Eagles quarterback of the future and why he ultimately made the tough decision.

Reid believes his decision what was best for the team. Additionally, reports have surfaced that the Eagles are opened to trading backup QB Kolb, which goes against his answers to the questions of whether Kolb will be traded.

Even though the presser was supposed to cover the entire team, Reid spent the entire time talking about the all important quarterback position.

Here are his quotes from the press conference:

The Injury report:

"Alright, on the injury front. (T) Austin Howard has a low back strain, will not practice today. (FB) Leonard Weaver had his surgery and has an ACL, and a posterior lateral corner, which encompasses a few different things in there. He had a little bit of nerve damage in there, so we'll just have to see how that all works out. I had a chance to talk to him today and he's doing well and he's very optimistic about things. I mentioned (DE) Brandon Graham before. Brandon had a shoulder strain and he'll practice today. We'll keep him limited."

Opening Statement:

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. We have had a chance to study them and know when you play a (head coach) Jack Del Rio football team, you're playing a tough football team. They've done a great job offensively with Dirk Koetter as the offensive coordinator. You better be ready for a power running game and, defensively, you better be ready for all the different looks that you can imagine. They're going to show them all to you. On special teams, they've got a solid special teams unit."

On how the news was being received by the team on Wednesday’s team meetings:

"Listen, I really don't talk about it. I keep what I say in the meetings, in the meetings. I think everybody is positive and upbeat and ready to roll."

On QB Michael Vick's future with the club:

"Listen, I haven't even gone there. I'm going with who we are playing now. He is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and that's what it is right now."

On Vick being the starter is based on him playing at a high of a level for the rest of the season:

"Listen, he's the starter. He's the starter of this football team and that's the way it is."

On Vick starting the rest of the year sans injury:

"Yes, yeah. I didn't have a plan for one week. That's not what I did."

On the perception of not being a man of his word or the organization not being stable:

"No, I don't feel that it's unstable. If I'm the bad guy, I'm okay with that. I think it's important that the players – that I do what I think is right for them. How I'm perceived outside of them, that's not my concern. I've got to take care of this football team, number one, and that's what I've always done and I will always do."

On naming Vick the start and benching Kolb being the hardest in-season decision he’s ever made:

"Possibly. I would have to go back and think about that, but I will tell you – and I mentioned this to you before – this can be perceived a couple of different ways. I honestly believe that this is a phenomenal situation to be in. I have two quarterbacks that I feel very comfortable with. They can win football games for the Philadelphia Eagles. I know there are a lot of coaches that can't sit up here and tell you that in the National Football League. This is perceived different by you than it is me. Listen, it is a tough decision because I'm dealing with somebody that I know is a good football player with Kevin Kolb and I know will be a good football player and a very successful quarterback in the National Football League; a championship-caliber quarterback in the National Football League."

On seeing something from Vick that he hadn't before the Eagles signed him:

"Well, some of things that he wanted to get better at, and that he has busted his tail to do so. For example when there's pressure, just to subtly move, stay in the pocket, keep his eyes down the field and make the throw (and) when he scrambles - if he has to scramble and move - keeping his eyes down the field and making the throw. And he's done a great job with that over the last two games."

On Vick improving dramatically over the past six quarters from the preseason:

"Well, I will tell you that he's playing very good football right now. I mean, that's what I can tell you, he's playing as good as any quarterback out there, right now. So, I think that's the meat of this."

On telling QB Kevin Kolb about the decision and how hard it was:

"I made sure I met with him and told him what I was thinking. I think that was important. He was the first person I met with and that includes coaches and administration or anybody else. He was the first person I met with. I thought that was very important in this situation."

On telling Kolb he's the starting quarterback on Monday and then reverse the decision on Tuesday:

"Well, listen, there are things that I have to do in a leadership position and there are certain things that take time. I'm dealing with young men and their livelihoods. If there's a tough situation, I'm going to make sure I think it through and I'm going to buy time to do that. I think that's very, very important."

On Kolb telling him one half of football is not enough to judge him:

"I'm not going to tell you what we talked about. That's not what I do. But we did communicate."

On regretting anything he told Kolb previously:


On Kolb being on the roster after trade deadline:

"Listen, I can't predict anything down that far. Nobody in this league can do that. That's ridiculous. It's very similar to the things that were reported about – and I tried to be very thorough about it – that there was nobody that influenced this call. This was my decision and the future, we will just have to see and we'll cross that bridge when it comes."

On listening to trade offers:

"No, I want Kevin Kolb on this football team."

On Kolb's future with the club:

"Listen, I'm going to tell you what, because this is not about Kevin Kolb, this is about Michael Vick. I'm going to keep going back to that. Kevin Kolb has a bright, bright future, and I mean a bright future. My feelings about Kevin Kolb have not changed a bit. But, Michael Vick I think surprised all of us with his play. I'm so proud of him and as I mentioned it before, that's a beautiful thing. I'm sitting up here with two quarterbacks that I know I can go win in the National Football League with, and that's a beautiful thing."

On making the move after saying Kolb was the future of this football team:

"Listen, there's not a thing that changed with Kevin Kolb. I made that very clear from the get-go. This was all about Michael Vick and the way that he has played the game. It's that simple. He's played it as outstanding as any quarterback in the league to this point. That's the important part here."

On offensive line being a concern and Kolb getting shell-shocked as a young quarterback:

"This has nothing to do with the offensive line; the offensive line will be fine here. This has nothing to do with them."

On Kolb being the starter if he never got injured:

"Listen, yeah that's probably right. You're probably right there."

On Kolb losing his job because he was injured:

"Listen, he lost his job because of Vick's accelerated play."

On would Kolb reached the same level of accelerated play:

"That's a ridiculous question. I don't know that. I just know what I saw with Michael Vick. That's the point that I saw."

On if Vick struggles against Jacksonville, is he still the starter:

"Listen, Michael Vick's the quarterback of this football team. He's going to go play and that's what it is."

On being confident in Kolb's ability if Vick goes down with an injury:

"He'll do a great job. Kevin will step in and do a great job if something were to happen there."

On the decision to bench Kolb affecting standing in the locker room:

"It won't affect him one bit. The players respect Kevin, we all know that. They respect the heck out of Kevin, and they all know Kevin can win football games."

On what stood out about Vick’s play after watching the game film:

"Well I thought he played very well, and that's what I thought. And so, the obvious is that I had the opportunity to study it and look at it, which I don't have when I talk to you five minutes after a game. So, I think that's the obvious."

On the organization having a plan in place to prevent Vick from getting into trouble:

"I'm not going to get into that. We've communicated with him and he knows what's expected of him, and so on."

On the decision to bench Kolb being rash:

"Listen, I can understand where your concern comes in. This is a subjective decision on my part and it's what I feel. It's nothing about Kevin Kolb's play, that's not what it is. It's about Michael Vick's play. He exceeded, even my expectation on how he's played the last two games. I'm not sure anybody here could have sat there and said, 'Listen, Michael is going to be playing at this level.' And so, I'm not blind to that. I look at that and I have to make that call; it's my responsibility. I'll take all the shouts that are given and I understand that. But, this is what I think is right, and that's the bottom line. I have to make that call, and then I have to take this right here. I'm good with that, but that call isn't going to change. I feel good about it. We're moving on."

On asking the players in the locker room what they thought before deciding on his decision:

"Listen, I don't go there. I didn't talk to a player. I didn't talk to a coach. I talked to one guy for two days about this, and that was the guy that I was dealing with. And whatever anybody else says, that is not right. I talked to Kevin Kolb. I made the decision with Kevin Kolb, and then I clued in the other people involved with it."

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