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Reid Talks About Tough Decisions, Coleman, Vick and More

Reid Talks After Preseason Loss To Jets

By Lance Epstein

The game did not matter, but don’t say that to head coach Andy Reid. While the game is meaningless once the regular season starts, it had huge ramifications on the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles.

Reid understands fans rather not show up or watch the fourth and final preseason game since the starters did not suit up. However, it gives him and his coaching staff the opportunity to scout and get a closer look at some of his young players. This is necessary since the Eagles are only two days away from having to complete their 53-man roster.

Another aspect Reid likes about the final preseason game is that his backup quarterbacks gets plenty of snaps to get comfortable in the offensive scheme especially since Kevin Kolb could struggle to begin the season.

On a rare occasion, the Eagles coaches and Reid get treated to a performance of the ages. Tonight rookie Kurt Coleman put on a show with two fumble recoveries that he ran back for touchdowns.

In just two days, Reid will be forced to make some of the toughest decisions. After the 21-17 loss to the New York Jets, Reid discussed that part of his job and a variety of topics. Here are his press conference quotes:

On injuries coming out of the game:

"(DE Eric) Moncur was the only player who came out. He had cramps and got an IV"

Opening remarks on the game:

"It was good to get the young players in there and give them an opportunity to play. They had quite a few reps, and that's what they needed. (S Kurt) Coleman did a nice job with two touchdowns."

On other players who stood out tonight besides S Kurt Coleman:

"I don't know about the roster spot part of it, I'll go back and look at that, but I liked what I saw from RB Eldra Buckley. He ran hard and aggressive when he had the opportunity and he was able to play fullback and special teams. There were a handful of guys."

On S Kurt Coleman development:

"Obviously, he's always around the ball, and that is always a good thing. If he has an opportunity to hit, he usually makes contact and he gets you pretty good. I might say that he had a miss a couple weeks ago, but for the most part he is a secure tackler. He likes to punish you when he hits you."

On Coleman learning the defense quickly:

"Yes, he's a smart kid."

On QB Michael Vick performance (the first quarter):

"He did okay. Not bad. I just wanted to give him a quick shot in there. I wanted to give him as close to a quarter as we could."

On pulling Vick before halftime:

"Because I wanted to. I think he's had enough work. The guy is 30-years-old, and he's been in this league a long time. I think he's ready to go."

On sharing his plan for the way he plans on using Vick for the regular season:

"No, I really don't want to. Not before our first game."

On if he saw enough out of his backup quarterback during the preseason:

"I'm fine with it. He did a nice job last week. He had some good reps last week in Kansas City and today he had some good reps."

On QB Mike Kafka receiving extended playing time:

"That was really why I pulled Michael Vick. Mike Kafka needs the work. He is a young guy and I just think that as many reps that he can possibly get are great for him. He can learn from it and we have it on tape so that he can come in and study it. I just think that every snap that he can get is a positive for him. For what he played tonight, he can learn from it."

On WR Kelley Washington and his performance on special teams:

"I thought he did a good job. I'll go back and look at his receiving downs, but it looked like on special teams that he played very well."

On DT Trevor Laws not suiting up:

"Actually Trevor had played more snaps than the other two starting defensive tackles -- Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley. I thought the number was good, so I backed off on Trevor Laws."

On LB Moise Fokou's 11 tackles and 9 solo tackle performance:

"I think he has improved not only at the linebacker spot, and he was probably the strongest at the linebacker spot, but also the defensive end as a pass rusher. I liked what I saw there tonight and in the past weeks."

On Fokou playing the joker position:

"(DE) Daniel Te'o-Nesheim has been doing a little bit of it and he can possibly be that."

On CB Jorrick Calvin and DE Pannell Egboh performances tonight:

"Calvin, we wanted to make sure we got him in the game in return spots and corner spots. We gave him three quarters of the corner spot. And we let him start off as a punt returner. We gave him good reps, and we left him in there at the end for a couple more reps. He got a couple of long drives in, but we needed to get him out and get some fresh legs in there. He seemed to play very physical and did a nice job."

On DE Pannel Egboh and what he showed:

"He did a good job from what I saw. He had a couple pressures there. He had a couple tackles on the run game. He played hard and aggressive. I'll have to take a look at him on the tape."

On CB Trevard Lindley and the other young corners playing time against a veteran like WR Santonio Holmes:

"Great, he is a pretty good receiver. Anytime you can have that experience to play against some of the best receivers in the league, and I would put him up as one of the best, that helps you."

On S Macho Harris and his role with the team:

"Macho is doing both the safety spot and the nickel spot, so Macho got a lot of good snaps tonight. We will have to go back and evaluate how he played. I thought he did some good things. He missed a couple of tackles, but he did a couple of good things there."

On Harris's versatility to play the cornerback and safety position:

"He does have that versatility where he can play corner in an emergency situation, plus a safety spot and the nickel position."

On making roster decisions and how tonight’s game plays into that:

"This will help in some of the closer decisions that we've got to make and both (General Manager) Howie Roseman and I tried to spend a lot of time during camp and these preseason games really evaluating the young guys and giving them a lot of opportunity to play and just seeing how they handle it. We'll get together tomorrow and Saturday and go through all of it."

On the linebackers corps being one of those difficult decisions:

"They'll be some decisions that we have to make that are tough. I think there are a couple of other spots too, but that's one that there's quite a bit of competition."

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