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What Now? by Terrell Whitby

The magic has returned to the most athletic quarterback to ever play in the National Football League. Oh that magic of quick spins, deft back footed throws, amazing dashes into the end zone and unbelievably; quarterbacking from the pocket. What was once known as the Michael Vick Experience has reincarnated itself in Vickadelphia as the greatest redemption since Morgan Freeman's cinematic prison stint. Randall Cunningham was the progenitor of the new aged athletic quarterback. His football alchemy quickly allowed him to be dubbed "The Ultimate Weapon" . He was a breath taking,play making gazelle that could throw brown sunshine deep into his tormentor's end zones while escaping from clutches of All Pro and future Hall of Fame linemen. Steve Young was a winner;the sole conqueror of the old schooled truism which states you can't win the Super Bowl with a scrambling quarterback. Vince Young, Kordell Stewart and Donovan McNabb all at one time or another wielded their special magic before our adoring eyes. None of these men are Michael Vick nor have they been blessed with his capacity to amaze the trained football eye. Last week Andy Reid showed that he is a "ballsy" leader that in the face of controversy will lie and then used that Iran-Contra "esque"playbook once crafted by the Great Communicator. He not only did what the Apostles Peter and Paul could not; save a savior from being crucified but he unleashed ( please forgive the pun) Vick on some of the worst NFL defenses mankind has seen. Vick has serious weaponry at his control. DeSean, Jeremy, Brent and Jason have allowed Vick to stand in the pocket and go through the progressions prescribed by this West Coast system. Vick has looked assured, and measured during his stint as the new leader of the Eagles' offense. He has looked like light when he turns the corner on a third and long conversion. The magic of Michael Vick has everything to do with the feathery balls that he delivered deep to DeSean. It should have nothing to do with the crimes that he committed in Virginia several years ago. His magic also has extended to the afternoon drive as he has transformed a loud mouthed know it all "King"into a passive aggressive mute who has been scorned by his childly perceived so called act of betrayal by Coach Reid. Michael Vick and his magic has incredibly divided the most passionate fan based on Earth. Who could ever believe that there could be E-A-G-L-E-S fans that could be untouched by a dominating performance like the one we saw on Sunday. You don't like Michael Vick?? C'mon Ray! C'mon Rheaa! C'mon Son!
Michael Vick is the physical embodiment of the town in which he now plays. He is scarred by violent and ugly past actions of his own doing. He has beauty that is unfortunately overlooked. He is tough and gritty and in search of forgivesness. Remember MOVE? Birdy Africa? or WE only serve customers that order in English? He is specially filled with an unmatched athletic history. Michael Vick deserves to be hated and loved; just like Philadelphia. What now?


  1. If they can can only win the division...
    Vick's talent will definitely be tested against Indianapolis.

    By the way, one of my neighbors is still hating on Vick because of the dog fighting issue. She refuses to recognize the talent. "He who is without sin..."

  2. Vick is back. If you still hate Mike Vick google Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth and tell me me you knew who they were before I told you. I value humans over animals, so call me an a**hole. Mike, I wish you nothing but success because you were crucified (metaphorically) and you didn't deserve that which you've received. E-A-G-L-E-S. EAGLES!!!
    P.S. My fellow Americans don't buy into the hype we're fed do your homework (it's easier than ever) the real killers have it easy, and it isn't Mike Vick.

  3. Look Vick isn't a saint, he has faults like most of us. He appears to have worked his tail off to get back to this point which is impressive, lets all get behind him.