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Sunday is a time for redemption

When the Eagles began their journey this year in Bethlehem, no one realistically expected anything besides rebuilding. The prognosticators, analysts and football soothsayers sought to convince the Philadelphia football public of one sobering reality; the Philadelphia Eagles would be doomed to mediocrity. This year would be a time for our young players to grow, developed and master their craft. This would be the year where we would transition from the greatest quarterback in the franchise history to a young rhythmic accurate passer from Texas. This was to be a year of frustrating Sundays that would ultimately pay dividends in the future for our championship starved town. Andy Reid and his football team were felt to be too vulnerable in key areas; the offensive line, the defensive backfield and the linebacker play too be considered a serious contender in the NFC. “Everybody keeps telling me how surprised they are with what I've done. But I'm telling you honestly that it doesn't surprise me. I knew I could do it.” This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson could have easily fell from the lips of Andy Reid regarding his young team's ascension in the NFC during this season.

Twelve weeks into the seasons and the Eagles are sitting in prime position to go on a magical run that could led them to play in that great football palace in Dallas in early February. Tomorrow afternoon they face the Chicago Bears with a golden opportunity to seize hold of a permanent place in the NFC's higher echelon of contending teams. This team has been rebuilt right in front of our eyes. The Eagles now have a young unstoppable core of offensive weapons led by Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. Offensively the diversity has been overwhelming. We have had explosive plays in every form a football mind could imagine. The infusion of starship 7 has dramatically changed how this football team must be defended and viewed. Micheal Vick has single handily changed the parameters of possibilities for this football season. He has been a dynamic force which has strengthen a large amount of the deficiencies that has plagued the team throughout Andy Reid's tenure. Michael Vick is a prison toughened leader that commands the respect of his teammates. His leadership has been an accelerator in the growth of this young team. His performance during the Giants game illustrated how he can overcome adversity and will his team to victory. He is able to energize and command his teammates in a special way that we haven't seen in the past from notorious smile of number 5. Vick's little army stand at his attention waiting to snatch his lasered pillow passes from the sky and race to the heaven known as the end zone. As we witnessed in the Giants game, when a team executes their scheme and they do all the right things our offense can be held to 27 points. Sunday is a time for redemption. It will be a time to show the ills of our past are gone. Poor time management, losing to inferior teams and not seizing the moment can be erased tomorrow with an outstanding performance.

What we know about the Eagles is that they can beat any team in the NFC. We know that their high rate of penalties can be attributed to their youth and ability to focus in the pressure of the moment. We know that the defense has made several positive leaps especially with the play of Dixon and Patterson. This is an unexpected time of excitement. Andy Reid and his staff have done a phenomenal job during this run. The sky is the limit with this team The time is now for our birds to go to the the next level.
They must redeem the sins of our football past.

1 comment:

  1. That didn't go well but you have to like the response from a young team not shrugging it off. This should be a great learning experience.